Faculty & Staff
Kurt Rosenbaum, Principal
Doug Meyer, Director of Mission Advancement & Athletic Director
Pastor Brad Bode, Assistant Principal for Student Life
Gary Gray, Assistant Principal for Academics
Andrea Oppermann, Director of Fine Arts

Pastor Brad Bode, Religion
Ben Edmundson, Social Studies, Religion & Physical Education
Gary Gray, Science
Scott Hill, English & Physical Education

Andrea Indahl, Art
Kelly Loberger, Student Success Coordinator
Scott Loberger, Mathematics
Andrea Oppermann, Music & Religion

Dave Peter, Social Studies
Matthew Sonntag, Science & Religion
Lynnette Stahmann, International Student Program Coordinator
Mark Steiner, Mathematics
Virginia Steinmetz, Computer
Jeremy Strassburg, Spanish
Joan Tierney, English
Jen Bode, Development Department Assistant
Paul Drewitz, Building & Grounds Assistant
Becky Jaehnig, Administrative Assistant
Lara Johnson, Music Lessons
Michelle Meyer, Admissions
John Mueller, Finance Director & Scrip Coordinator
Barry Preston, Building & Grounds Supervisor

Taunya Solofra, Athletic Assistant & Receptionist
School Phone - 602-268-8686
Extensions for individual staff members are found under each name listed.

General school email - info@ALAcoyotes.org
Individual email addresses are found under each name listed.

School fax - 602-243-1353


~ 6036 South 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85041 | 602-268-8686 | info@ALAcoyotes.org