BigFuture College Planning
College Board Helps Students Find Their BigFuture

How can more American students get the college education they need to succeed in today’s world? In support of its goal of having 55 percent of Americans with a college degree by 2025, the College Board has launched BigFuture, a new free comprehensive website that improves the college planning process for students, families, and educators.

The Step-by-Step Guide to College Planning BigFuture by the College Board, found online at, guides all students through the college planning process, making it easier and less overwhelming. The step-by-step approach demystifies college planning, particularly for those students who are the first generation in their families to attend college.

Students using BigFuture answer questions and make choices about their own needs and preferences. Easy-to-use search tools and informative videos guide them through the process. The large collection of videos contains real-world advice from college students and expert educators.

“We know the best source of insight into the college planning process is from those who have experienced it,” said Roy Ben-Yoseph, the College Board’s executive director of digital products. “That’s why we asked students to collaborate with us on the site design and interactive tools that guide students as they find, afford and enroll in a college that’s right for them.”

Robust Tools and a Personalized Plan

BigFuture has a robust college search tool that helps students find the schools that are best for their needs and compare their advantages. Because great education occurs in thousands of colleges and university, BigFuture can find college options for any high school graduate.

The resource also has a scholarship search tool and extensive information about ways students can pay for college.

“College is more accessible than many people think,” BenYoseph said. “Families using the resource learn ways others have paid for college: securing scholarships, enrolling at a community college, saving for college and finding grants and loans. They also will see the most families to do not pay the full sticker price for college.”

Students using BigFuture develop a customizable action plan that tells them exactly what to do and when.

“All students deserve access to good guidance, and BigFuture is available day and night to walk them through the process,” Ben-Yoseph said. “It puts college on students’ radar in a positive, realistic way.” 

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