Call News



Mr. Matthew Sonntag has received a call to teach at Shoreland Lutheran High School, located south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His call involves serving as the science department chair, teaching various levels of general science and chemistry, and perhaps some coaching. This means that a decision process accompanied by prayer and investigation is undertaken, and a decision to stay or go is made usually in two to three weeks. Your prayers on Mr. Sonntag’s behalf and your comments to him are valuable parts of the process.

Mr. Ben Edmundson has received a call to teach grades 5-6 and serve as athletic director at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in Columbus, Ohio. The receipt of a call should be viewed as an opportunity to consider moving to a new ministry, and now Ben will pray, solicit input, and counsel with others about where God might best use his gifts. Usually this process takes two to three weeks. Please offer your thoughts to Mr. Edmundson at

At its January meeting, the ALA Board of Directors extended a one-year call to Mrs. Stephnie Marquez to teach art during the 2018-19 school year. Mrs. Marquez has accepted this call and will continue as our art teacher next year!



We believe that it is the Lord, through the church, who calls people to serve in the public ministry. Individuals already serving in public ministry who receive a call to serve in another field prayerfully deliberate both calls they hold. That deliberation involves, among other things, examining one's gifts; understanding the duties of both calls and how one's gifts are best utilized; and considering the input of colleagues, family and members of the congregation. Called workers have the confidence that God will bless the decision they reach.

Description written by Evergreen Lutheran High School