Financial Resources
Arizona taxpayers have a unique opportunity to choose to have their tax dollars directly benefit the education of students at ALA. Through the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit Program, for tax year 2013 AZ taxpayers can choose to have up to $2062 (married couples filing jointly) or up to $1031 (filing single) of their state taxes go toward tuition assistance at ALA utilizing both the Original Program and the PLUS Program. Donors may "recommend" their donation to a certain student at ALA who is not their legal dependent. All donations must go through a School Tuition Organization, like the H.E.L.P. Scholarship Foundation, which awards these scholarships.

For further questions and answers regarding Arizona's Scholarship Tax Credit Program, check out the H.E.L.P. Scholarship Foundation's website at
Download the 2013-2014 HELP Scholarship Application.

The ALA Scrip Program exists to raise funds for Christian education. Scrip is another name for giftcards, and the purchase of these store giftcards generates income for ALA and other educational endeavors throughout the state. For a more complete explanation on how and why to use Scrip, click on the link. Thank you for using SCRIP!



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