Why ALA?

ALA is a place where your student and your family can connect!

Is it the right school for you? Why choose ALA? We asked our own students that question. 
  • "We are a group of people that learn together and play together. We are a big family."
  • "ALA offers a close-knit community with unique one-on-one relationships."
  • "Because we praise God everyday."
  • "Since it is a small school, it's easy to be involved in a lot of things which makes memories that'll last a lifetime."
  • "Teachers actually care about your success and you're able to build good relationships with them."
  • "To prepare me for my spiritual future."
  • "ALA has a great community and is very friendly."
  • "Opportunities!"
  • "ALA has a good Christian atmosphere with friendly students and teachers."

What do others say about ALA?

Sarah C.
(Parent of three ALA students, Laveen community member)
"I can’t tell you how grateful I am for everything my boys have learned at ALA. After just one year, I saw such a change in my first son. Now, I see joy returning for my second son attending and his grades are the best they’ve been in years. To Jon {husband, father} and me that is priceless. We’ve had many late night discussions about how much our children have grown in the Lord and in maturity."

Todd M.
(Wrestling assistant coach with little knowledge about ALA until the ALA wrestling head coach brought him on board here)
Winter Wrestling Season
"Every time this group of young men and women hit the mats, I'm reminded of just how amazing of a school I ended up at.

"We closed out our dual meet season at home with our first ever home duals and Senior Night. The team swept all three duals that night, bringing our season dual record to 33-1.

"I think most coaches would've gone home with the three wins and that would've been the end of it, but it really was the entire experience that made the night...
  • One of our cheerleaders did a fantastic job singing the national anthem, but mid performance, her microphone cut out. The crowd in the packed stands didn't miss a beat and immediately began singing the rest of the Star Spangled Banner... That bit of community right there set the feeling for an awesome night.
  • While the wins were great, what really got me was the sense of community. Having previously coached at schools with 10-20x the population of our school, I've NEVER had a crowd like the one our small school put out. The stands were packed full of teachers, classmates, family, and friends all piled in to watch, support, and cheer. 
  • The school put together a table to make your own signs/posters for your favorite athletes, and the cheerleaders spent hours making large silver banners and learning new cheers just for one night.
"The seniors were asked to write down the favorite moment of their career. One young man told the story of a time we grabbed dessert right after the state finals his sophomore year..he asked if he could get sprinkles on his ice cream. Totally forgetting that he had just lost a hard fought battle in the championship finals, I blurted out 'No, Sprinkles are for winners.' If that really is the case, I needed sprinkles last night, because you all left me feeling like a winner."

The ALA Community