Scrip & Tuition Credit
Click here for the Scrip Agreement
ALA Tuition Accounts

When you shop with Scrip, you can reduce your tuition at ALA. You can apply 50% of the net profit from each gift card you purchase to your tuition account.

Scrip is available daily
in the school office. Simply fill out an order form and send it to school with payment. Checks, cash, and Visa or Mastercard (credit & debit) are accepted.

To register for the program, please fill out the Scrip Agreement 
and submit it to the school office or your church's Scrip representative. 
WELS/ELS Elementary School Accounts

The Scrip program shares 50% of the net profits with families to be applied to their WELS or ELS pre-school and elementary school accounts. See the Scrip Agreement for complete details. Families may submit forms to ALA or their church or school's Scrip representative.