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4.24.2017  Mr. Matt Sonntag, teacher in our science department, has announced that he is declining the call to serve at Michigan Lutheran Seminary in Saginaw, Michigan, and will continue to teach here at ALA. Praise the Lord for leading him to this peaceful conclusion and for granting ALA the stability that goes along with it.

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Stephnie Marquez has accepted our call to teach art next year. She will begin her service at ALA on July 1. Mrs. Marquez is a member of CrossWalk. She is married to Tom, and they have a daughter who graduated from ALA in 2016, and another daughter who will be an ALA freshman this fall. Thanks to the Lord for filling this position!

1.9.2017 Mrs. Andrea Indahl, who has served as our campus art teacher for the past four years, has announced that she will not continue past this school year. Despite her love for the school and for this position, she is exploring another ministry opportunity that would bring full-time benefits. We have been blessed with Mrs. Indahl's contributions to ALA and will miss her. 

2.20.2017 Mr. Matthew Heyn, presently serving at Illinois Lutheran High School near Chicago, has announced that he is accepting our call to serve at ALA as our math teacher and coach. Matt and his family will arrive here in the summer. Thanks to the Lord!

12.5.2016 Mr. Scott Loberger announced that he has accepted the call to teach at Divine Savior Academy in Doral, Florida. Scott and his family will continue here through the remainder of the school year and move in the summer of 2017.

11.28.2016. Mr. Mish Al-Eisa has accepted our call to ALA! His duties will include teaching Spanish and coaching. He currently serves at Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School in suburban Denver. Please keep Mish Al-Eisa in your prayers as he makes plans to join our faculty in the summer of 2017.




We believe that it is the Lord, through the church, who calls people to serve in the public ministry. Individuals already serving in public ministry who receive a call to serve in another field prayerfully deliberate both calls they hold. That deliberation involves, among other things, examining one's gifts; understanding the duties of both calls and how one's gifts are best utilized; and considering the input of colleagues, family and members of the congregation. Called workers have the confidence that God will bless the decision they reach.

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