PlusPortals FAQ
    How do I sign in to PlusPortals for the first time?
  • Go to or use the link that was emailed to each parent and student. 

    Your user name is the personal email that you provided to ALA. Students will use their email. 

    An assigned password will be needed to set up your access. For security reasons, this password is not in this FAQ. Please check your previous emails or the August Coyote Connections for this password.

    You will be prompted to change this to a password of your choice. You will then use your own email and password to sign in at
    What will I be able to do in my Parent PlusPortals?
  • Once in, explore! There are many things that parents will be able to do: see your child's grades, check on attendance and tardies, see your child's schedule, use the staff directory, have access to the parent directory, and more.

    Don't be afraid to explore!
    How do I get my information into the Parent Directory?
  • There are times when it is good for parents to be able to contact other parents. You must determine which of your information will appear for other parents to view.

    1. When you are logged in to your ParentPlus account, go to the upper right corner and click on the arrow next to your name.
    2. In the dropdown menu, click on "Directory Listing."
    3. You can check everything that you would like to appear for other parents in the Parent Directory.
    Can I view PlusPortals on my smartphone or tablet?
  • Parents and students have the option of using a smartphone app to view their PlusPortals accounts.
    1. Download the free iPhone or Android app, ParentPlus or StudentPlus.
    2. Put in ALA as your school.
    3. Sign in with your user name and password.
    It's that simple! Now you can have all this information at your fingertips anywhere!

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