Choral Fest 2016
Our A Cappella choir will attend the East Regional Choral Festival at Luther Prep School in Watertown, WI on November 11-13.  

Video Stream 
Friday Pops Concert  - Friday, 11/11/16 - 7pm CST
Sunday Sacred Concert - Sunday, 11/13/16 - 2pm CST


Order Choral Fest CDs 
Order a WELS East Regional Choral Fest album exclusively on Pre-order a CD or download on this website until the Sunday, 11/13 concert deadline. 

They will not be taking concert day walk-up physical orders. Families must buy with a credit or debit card online at by the 11/13, the sacred concert. 

The price is $15 per CD or MP3 download (or you can elect to buy both at the check out). The CDs will be shipped to each individual school by early-mid December. 

1) Please go to, where you can click "WELS East Regional Choral Festival" which is currently listed on the front page right now or you can search for this title at the top of the screen. 

2) Inside this album page, you will click "Support this Album". 

3) You will be able to choose if you want to buy CD(s), MP3 Download(s), both formats or just making a general donation without ordering an album.

4) It will then ask you the CD/MP3 Download quantity, along with a drop down list of all the WELS schools where they must choose 1 right below the album quantity, then click "Continue" to go to the credit card page (a receipt will be emailed).
Feel free to contact Aaron Green with any questions.

Watertown, WI weather


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