Hosting Opportunities

Students from across the state of Arizona attend ALA. Our domestic housing program offers these students a "home away from home" on Monday through Thursday nights. Domestic students typically travel home each Friday evening and return to ALA on Monday morning, which encourages "family time" for hosts and students. 

We have many new and returning domestic students who are in need of a host family in Phoenix!
For domestic hosting info, contact:
Mr. Heyn at  |  602-268-8686 ext. 28

Domestic Housing Handbook

ALA also hosts international students from Europe, China, and other Asian countries who have demonstrated high academic standards and a motivation to study abroad.

We have many new and returning international students who are in need of a host family in Phoenix!

International Hosting FAQ

If you are interested in more international hosting information, contact:
Mrs. Stahmann at  |  602-268-8686 ext. 36

    What is expected of a host parent?
  • Host families are expected to welcome the student into their home as a member of the family and provide a caring home environment. It is expected that the student will have their own bed and place to study, transportation, and daily meals. 
    Why do families choose to host?
  • Families host for a wide variety of reasons. At the center is the desire for the family to open its home to an individual who might otherwise never have the chance to attend ALA or learn of their Savior. Other reasons for hosting include learning of other cultures or participating in an exciting new experience.