Athletics - Fall Cheer (2A West Region)


Revised 4/10/19
Date Opponent Venue Game Time
8/23 Holbrook HHS 7:00 PM
8/30 Pima ALA 7:00 PM
9/6 Tonopah Valley TV 7:00 PM
9/13 Valley Christian VC 7:00 PM
9/20 Tempe Prep ALA 7:00 PM
9/27 Willcox ALA 7:00 PM
10/4 Scottsdale Christian (Homecoming) ALA 7:00 PM
10/11 Santa Cruz Valley SCV 7:00 PM
10/18 Heritage Academy (Pink Out) HA 7:00 PM
10/25 Phoenix Christian (Senior Night) ALA 7:00 PM
11/12 Cheer Banquet Wene's home 6:00 PM
This award is given to the student-athlete who best exemplifies Christian character, servant-leadership, dedication to academic work, commitment to his/her faith and commitment to the team. Congratulations: TBD at the end of the season
The athletic program has launched a "Competitor of the Week" award through our Character Matters program. Each award session recognizes a different character quality.
ALA athletics promotes character, integrity, virtue, and substance in our players. Character is the difference-maker, not only to improve performance, attitude, and teamwork but also to produce quality people on and off the playing fields.

"BELIEVE" award recipients:

Boys Cross Country - Marcus M      
Girls Cross Country - Abbey M
Varsity Football - Jacob M   
JV Football - Thomas P
Varsity Volleyball - Katie T   
JV Volleyball - Heidi S 
Freshman Volleyball - Rachel G
Cheer - Hannah B

"No I in Team" award recipients:

Boys Cross Country - Team
Girls Cross Country - Team
Varsity Football - Dawson W
JV Football - Tyler T
Varsity Volleyball - Kaylee P
JV Volleyball - Aubrey M
Freshman Volleyball - Elsa B
Cheer - Eva S

"Energy" award recipients:

Boys Cross Country - Hans B
Girls Cross Country - Emily M
Varsity Football - Joseph P
JV Football - Case D
Varsity Volleyball - Natalia Q
JV Volleyball - Grace G
Freshman Volleyball - Krista W
Cheer - Cam J

"Accountable" award recipients:

Boys Cross Country - Preston S
Girls Cross Country - Hannah H
Varsity Football - Josiah C
JV Football - Dylan W
Varsity Volleyball - Paige M
JV Volleyball - Adria C
Freshman Volleyball - Hope P
Cheer - Paige W



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August 26, 2019
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Head Coach
Veronica Wene

Assistant Coach
Elle Schaumberg

2019 Coach's Report:


"Consistent" award recipients:

Boys Cross Country - Payton B
Girls Cross Country - Jewel M
Varsity Football - Maurice C
JV Football - Cole G
Varsity Volleyball - Hannah S
JV Volleyball - Sierra G
Freshman Volleyball - Kadence P
Cheer - Ashley K