Call News


Christian Leadership Director
Dr. Erik Landwehr has declined our call for Christian Leadership Director. The Board of Directors will meet soon to issue another call for this position.

English Call Accepted
Mr. Benjamin Wells has accepted our call to head our English department, teach English classes, and do some coaching. We look forward to welcoming him to Arizona and ALA this summer. God has surely blessed us with teachers for next year!

Call for New Position
At its last meeting, the ALA Board of Directors voted to call to fill a new position on campus: Christian Leadership Director. This position is intended to focus on working with students and faculty to build school culture, develop leadership, oversee worship, offer spiritual counseling, recruit for ministry, promote discipleship, and work in harmony with Federation congregations. 

The Board called Dr. Erik Landwehr. He is currently serving at Divine Savior Academy in Doral, Florida. Previously Erik served in the Caribbean on St. Lucia and for several years as a layworker at East Fork Lutheran High School. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Intercultural Studies and a Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership. 

Please keep Erik in your prayers as he considers this call.

English Call Extended
The ALA Board of Directors issued a call to Mr. Benjamin Wells who currently teaches at Nebraska Lutheran High School in Waco, Nebraska. Mr. Wells is being asked to head the English department, teach English classes, and do some coaching. Please keep Mr. Wells and both schools in your prayers as he determines where he will serve next school year.

Mrs. Samantha List
Mrs. Samantha List has accepted our call to teach English.  She will join the ALA faculty this summer. Welcome, Mrs. List! 

Art Call Accepted
Mrs. Stephnie Marquez has accepted our part-time call to teach art next school year. God is good!

Mrs. Joan Tierney
August 2019
Mrs. Tierney has announced that she will retire from teaching at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. She teaches ALA's junior and senior English classes. Mrs. T has taught at ALA since 1993 and in the past has also served as ALA's track coach and drama director. 

Mr. Scott Hill
August 2019
Mr. Hill has announced that at the end of the school year he will resign his teaching position to pursue his business full-time. He has served at ALA since 2009. He teaches English in grades 9 & 10 and is the head coach for baseball and girls basketball. 


We believe that it is the Lord, through the church, who calls people to serve in the public ministry. Individuals already serving in public ministry who receive a call to serve in another field prayerfully deliberate both calls they hold. That deliberation involves, among other things, examining one's gifts; understanding the duties of both calls and how one's gifts are best utilized; and considering the input of colleagues, family and members of the congregation. Called workers have the confidence that God will bless the decision they reach.

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