Call News


Art Instructor
At its January meeting, the Board of Directors called Mrs. Stephnie Marquez to continue to serve as our art teacher for another year. Mrs. Marquez has announced that she has accepted this call and will continue to teach art next year. We are blessed to have Mrs. Marquez return as our art teacher!

Social Studies Instructor
Mr. Justin Ohm, called in mid-January to teach at ALA in the area of social studies, has declined our call. He will remain in his current position in Minnesota. The ALA Board of Directors will issue a new call to another candidate. 

Pastor Brad Bode

Pastor Brad Bode, religion teacher and coach of volleyball and soccer, has received a call to teach at Manitowoc Lutheran High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Responsibilities he’s asked to carry out there are similar to those he’s doing here. Pastor Bode has been at ALA since 2002 and would enjoy hearing from you with your thoughts. He can be reached at Please remember him and his family in your prayers as he makes this decision.


Ms. Andrea Oppermann
Early in January, Ms. Andrea Oppermann received a call to be the music instructor at Michigan Lutheran High School in St. Joseph, Michigan. She has announced that she will stay at ALA as our Fine Arts Director, teaching all choirs, bands, and videography.


Mr. Ben Edmundson

Mr. Ben Edmundson received a call in December to teach at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran School in Menasha, Wisconsin.  He has announced that he is accepting this call. Mr. Edmundson will complete this year of teaching and move to Wisconsin in the summer of 2019. May God bless his transition.

Technology and STEM

Mr. Matthew Groth has accepted our call as an instructor. Praise the Lord!
Mr. Groth currently is serving at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Saginaw, Michigan. Mr. Groth will teach in the area of technology and STEM at ALA. He and his family will move here in the summer of 2019. This position will replace Mrs. Virginia Steinmetz, who has announced her retirement at the close of this school year.

Building & Grounds Position Filled
We are pleased to announce that Ryan Goudeau has joined our staff as Building & Grounds Assistant.


We believe that it is the Lord, through the church, who calls people to serve in the public ministry. Individuals already serving in public ministry who receive a call to serve in another field prayerfully deliberate both calls they hold. That deliberation involves, among other things, examining one's gifts; understanding the duties of both calls and how one's gifts are best utilized; and considering the input of colleagues, family and members of the congregation. Called workers have the confidence that God will bless the decision they reach.

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