Scrip Q&A's
    What is Scrip?
  • “Scrip” is another name for “gift cards.”  The purchase of these store gift cards raises funds for students’ tuition accounts at our Arizona WELS schools, for the ALA tuition assistance fund, and for our congregations & schools.
    Why should I purchase Scrip?
  • Hundreds of local and national retailers are willing to donate money to non-profit organizations through Scrip purchases. This money can then be used for spreading the Gospel to the youth at ALA and our congregations. A percentage of all your regular shopping expenditures will help our WELS schools and churches in this soul-saving work.

    How does Scrip raise money?
  • ALA purchases the store gift cards at a discount from a national Scrip company and local individual retailers. These discount percentages are indicated on the order form. You purchase the gift card at face value, and the Scrip program receives the difference. Example: purchase a $100 Safeway card that has a 4% discount, and the program receives a $4 rebate because ALA paid $96 for the card.
    Where do I purchase Scrip?
  • You can purchase Scrip from the ALA school office. 
    You also may establish an account at and order Scrip and reload certain retailers. Contact the office for our Enrollment Code and then enroll with  ALA’s code. You also may purchase and print ScripNow! e-cards right at your computer or on your smart phone via the mobile app of The same Scrip rebates will be earned. Visit for details.
    What does it cost to use Scrip?
  • There is no extra cost to you! You purchase the gift card at face value & you receive the full value of the card. These gift cards are the same gift cards you buy at the stores themselves.
    How do I pay for Scrip?
  • You may pay for Scrip with cash or check, credit or debit. Note: a 2.75% convenience fee will be added to all credit/debit payments.

    PrestoPay is encouraged at and required when using MyScripWallet for your smart phone. See details at
    How does my congregation or a student benefit from Scrip purchases?
  • The ALA Scrip program will share 50% of your Scrip rebates with:
    • A student attending a WELS/ELS elementary school
    • A student attending ALA
    • Your own congregation
    • The ALA tuition assistance fund
    You will receive a Scrip statement on which you will indicate where you would like your rebates applied.
    How can my congregation use its Scrip rebates?
  • Each congregation may choose to use its Scrip rebates as it sees fit. Check with your Scrip representative or pastor to see where your congregation will direct the funds it receives.
    When will my congregation receive the Scrip rebates?
  • Distribution of Scrip rebates will be made once a year in January.
    When will a student receive the Scrip rebates?
  • Distribution of Scrip rebates will be made once a year to the elementary schools in January and distributed to accounts as determined by the schools.
    How can I use these gift cards for my regular shopping?
  • These gift cards spend just like cash. Using Scrip for all your purchases will add up to many dollars over the course of a year!
    See How Your Scrip Rebates Can Add Up!
    Retailer Amount % Rebate
    Safeway $600 4% $24.00
    Shell gas $300 3% $7.50
    Kohl's $100 5% $5.00
    JCPenney $100 5% $5.00
    Lowe's $200 4% $8.00
    Chilis $50 11% $5.50
    Starbucks $50 7% $3.50
    Harkins $25 10 $2.50
    Total $1,425   $61.00
    50% shared rebates/month $30.50
    $30.50 each month totals $366.00 for the year!
    (all figures are estimates only)
    My gift card says it's reloadable. Will I receive a rebate if I reload it at the store?
  • Basha’s gift card reloads at the store will generate a 6% rebate for our program. 
    To share these rebates you must register your Basha’s gift card number with us at or with your Scrip rep.

    Many other cards (Safeway, Albertsons, Target, Starbucks, Lowes, Shell, and others) can be reloaded at (see for details) and rebates will be shared. All other reloaded cards will not earn Scrip rebates.
    Does Fry's participate?
  • Fry's gives rebates to ALA through your VIP card. You do not need to purchase any Scrip cards!

    Simply, link your Fry’s VIP card and earn cash rewards for ALA's Financial Aid Fund each time you shop! Here is how to enroll:
    1. Go to
    2. Click on yellow ‘Enroll Now’ tab.  
    3. Log in or create a Fry’s online account. If you have previously linked your account with ALA, look under "Community Rewards" to see if it's still linked.
    4. Look for ‘My Account’ and look down to ‘Community Rewards.’  Enter School ID code/search for: 80046 
    5. Enroll.

    You will earn rewards for our school each time you use your VIP card! (Fry's rewards come to ALA as one check, so we are not able to share the rebates with individual tuition accounts.)     


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