Scrip - Program Rules
  1. Fifty percent of all Scrip rebates pay program expenses and benefit the ministry of Arizona Lutheran Academy. Our program shares the other fifty percent of rebates with one of the following:  An Arizona WELS/ELS congregation/school (potentially deductible); An ALA student’s tuition account (not deductible); An Arizona WELS/ELS elementary school student’s tuition account (not deductible); ALA tuition assistance fund (potentially deductible)
  2. Rebates will be distributed after December 31. (ALA seniors’ rebates can also be distributed after March 31 per the family’s request.) A minimum of $10net rebate must be generated for a distribution to be made. There is no maximum amount.
  3. Rebates generated from Basha’s reloads will be shared IF the card number is registered with the Scrip program. (See link at or see your Scrip rep. You will receive a statement each month of your reloads.
  4. Rebates generated from & purchases or reloads will be shared just like physical gift card purchases.
  5. With respect to your charitable donations, we will provide you with all required acknowledgements under sections 170(f)(8) and 170(f)(17) of the Internal Revenue Code. We urge you to consult your tax advisor as to any questions or advice regarding the deductibility of charitable donations.

  1. Scrip purchases and requests may be made with cash, check, or PrestoPay. A 2.75% convenience fee will be added for all credit or debit card payments.
  2. Scrip purchases are not tax deductible because you receive dollar for dollar value.  Rebates may be deductible, see above.
  3. If your check is returned because of non-sufficient funds (NSF), you will be charged a $10 fee payable to Arizona Lutheran Academy.  After two NSF checks are tendered on your account, your Scrip ordering privileges will be limited to cash only.
  4. Scrip cards & certificates are the same as cash, and should be handled accordingly. Arizona Lutheran Academy will not be responsible for certificates that are lost, stolen or misplaced while in your possession.
  5. No interest will be earned on Scrip rebates.
  6. eScrip, Albertsons Community Partners, and Fry’s Community Rewards funds will be applied to the Scrip program expenses.