Athletics - Basketball - Boys (2A West Region)


Revised 9/8/21
Date       Opponent                             Venue  JV   Score  Varsity Score
11/30 Valley Lutheran VL 4:30   7:30  
12/2 Gilbert Classical ALA 4:30   7:30  
12/7 Tonopah Valley TV 4:30   7:30  
12/9-11 Flagstaff Tourney Flagstaff     TBD  
12/14 Horizon Honors ALA 4:30   7:30  
12/28-30 Coyote Classic ALA     TBD  
1/7 Scottsdale Prep ALA 4:00   7:00  
1/8 Chandler Prep CPA 12:30   3:30  
1/11 Trivium Prep ALA 4:00   7:00  
1/14 St. John Paul II SJP 4:00   7:00  
1/19 River Valley ALA 4:30   7:30  
1/21 Kingman Academy ALA 4:30   7:30  
1/25 Heritage Academy ALA 4:30   7:30  
1/27 Phoenix Country Day PCDS 4:30   7:30  
1/28 Trivium Prep TP 4:00   7:00  
2/1 St. John Paul II ALA 4:30   7:30  
2/4 River Valley RV 4:00   7:00  
2/5 Kingman Academy KA 12:30   3:30  
2/9 Glendale Prep (Senior Night) ALA 4:30   7:30  
2/11 Heritage Academy
(KROC Center)
ALA 4:00   7:00  
3/ Conference Play-In  vs TBD TBD     TBD  
3/ State Round 1 vs TBD TBD     TBD  
3/ State Quarterfinals vs TBD TBD     TBD  
3/ State Semifinals vs TBD TBD     TBD  
3/ State Finals vs TBD TBD     TBD  
3/   Basketball Banquet ALA TBD   TBD  

2021-22 Coach's Report:




Given to the student-athlete who best exemplifies Christian character, servant-leadership, dedication to academic work, commitment to his/her faith and commitment to the team.

This year's Coyote Character Award is given to:  

  • Varsity Team - TBD   
  • JV Team - TBD


Congratulations to our “Competitors of the Week!”

The athletic program honors athletes with a "Competitor of the Week" award through our CharaterMatters program. Each award session recognizes a different character quality.

ALA athletics promotes character, integrity, virtue, and substance in our players. Character is
the difference-maker, not only to improve performance, attitude, and teamwork, but also to
 produce quality people on and off the playing fields (awarded during the season.



Home games will be streamed live on our Youtube channel.




Varsity Head Coach
Doug Meyer

Varsity Assistant Coaches
Scott Indahl
Joda Schaumberg
Cameron Haag

JV Head Coach
Mish Aleisa

JV Assistant Coach




The program history along with game, season, and career records can be found below. Items highlighted in yellow are incomplete due to missing statistics.

Head Coach Season Records
Team Season Records
Individual Season Records
Individual Career Records
Individual Game Records
All Time Player Stats

For past and present boys basketball players, we are still researching some seasons so if you have information from the 1980's, please contact Coach Meyer at