Fine Arts

ALA has a thriving and dynamic arts program
that encourages student development
through both visual and performing arts. 

Calendar of Events


A Cappella Choir

The A Cappella Choir is designed to give students the opportunity to prepare, experience, and excel in ensemble choral music. This is a group learning course which counts on the cooperation of the group as a whole to learn the art of choral singing. Throughout the year, students will study/perform a variety of styles of music. A Cappella is an auditioned choir, selected from the Concert Choir.

A Cappella Choir also performs at all concerts, chapel services, community events, leads worship at ALA Sunday church services, and is ALA’s representative at the WELS Choral Festivals.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is designed to give students the opportunity to prepare, experience, and excel in ensemble choral music singing. It is a group learning course that counts on the cooperation of the group as a whole to learn the art of choral singing. The Concert choir performs in four major concerts each year and for chapel throughout the year.

Concert Band

This ensemble is a concert band and jazz band ensemble performance class.

  • Students should be proficient in a concert band instrument.
  • Orchestra members are welcome with approval from the director.
  • Piano players are also welcome with prior approval and a willingness to learn mallet percussion instruments.

This class meets five periods a week. Recently, the ALA Concert Band has extended its performance schedule and has conducted visits to local elementary schools.

Visual Arts

ALA Fine Arts Department offers four unique art electives for students in grades 9-12.

  • World Art observes works of art from around the world. This class incorporates projects reflective of the style of work being studied, in addition to weekly sketches.
  • Art Across America examines the unique quality and principals of art with regards to North American history. Students will examine many past cultures and purposes and learn to appreciate how art served a variety of purposes within different cultures. 
  • Studio Art Studio Art is designed to be an exploration in art and sculpture and an opportunity for students to create three-dimensional art. Willingness to get involved in the creative process is a more important requirement than student’s talent or previous experience. This class is for any level of art experience.
  • Ceramics is a full year course that explores a variety of methods of working with clay to create decorative and functional pieces. 


The ALA Theater Program is an after-school extracurricular. In the spring of every school year, this group performs a variety of live theater including musicals and children’s theater productions. Any and all students are welcome and encouraged to audition.