Wants vs. Needs


Teenagers have a L-O-O-O-N-G list of wants and needs. Our goal at ALA is to fulfill both.


A few things top the list of what teenagers want to find at school:

  • Friends. Kids want to fit in. Here at ALA, we see friendships form that last a lifetime.

  • Academics. Kids want to go places in life. ALA provides a strong educational foundation, preparing kids for their next steps, with 97% of students continuing onto college.

  • Extra-curriculars. Kids want to be involved. Over 84% of ALA students participate in athletics and 80% participate in fine arts. Plus our newly formed eSports team is engaging another segment of students in an extra-curricular activity.  

At ALA, we are blessed to be able to provide what kids want.


But that's not all! We also get to provide what students need. They need . . . JESUS! They need the forgiveness Jesus won by his perfect life and death on the cross. They need to know they are loved by their Creator. They need to know that Jesus gave us his perfection. They need to be free from the guilt and shame of sin so they can serve in freedom. They need the grace and peace only Jesus can give. 

This Christmas season, you can give students what they WANT and NEED. Will you give a Christmas gift to ALA students this season?

In service to our Savior, 
Doug Meyer
Director of Mission Advancement
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