COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

At Arizona Lutheran Academy, the health, safety, and well-being of our students are of utmost importance. We want to provide you with the latest information regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) as it relates to ALA. This page will be updated regularly. Each post below is dated and the topic shows after the date. If it is collapsed, just click on the arrow next to the date to open it and read.

  • We're all in this together as we navigate the waters of online learning and work together to celebrate our ALA class of 2020 in new and different ways. Visit our page to see some of the special things, re-imagined for 2020, just for our students and graduates.

  • As you and your family make adjustments to life due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we understand there may be times of uncertainly that could cause your son or daughter anxiety. ALA continues to partner with Christian Family Solutions to provide access to Christian counseling services. Students can meet with a counselor through a secure video connection right from home.

    Parents, if you feel it would be helpful for your son or daughter to speak with a counselor at this time, please contact Mr. Rosenbaum for a referral and we will help you get connected. Thanks to donors, Christian Family Solutions is offering these services at no cost through the end of our school year. or 602-268-8686 ext.11

    Read this for additional information about the counseling services available.

  • Dear students and parents,

    I want to thank you for your responses to our parent and student surveys; we received roughly 50% response on both. Overall, your comments were very positive and accommodating of a difficult circumstance, and I want to thank you for that spirit of cooperation.

    We have considered all of your input, and the faculty discussed many of these things Monday morning. Here are a few statements to guide both you and us moving into the upcoming weeks:

    • Teachers will post all classroom assignments by 8am each day to avoid having posts happening all day long. Anything posted later in the day will be scheduled to appear the following day at 8am in students’ Google Classroom.
    • All assignments posted in Google Classroom are automatically arranged for students both in Google Classroom and in Google Calendar. These two tools should be an enormous aid in managing the expectations and organizing your approach.
    • Teachers continue to post assignments in PlusPortals where parents always have access, but they will not necessarily appear fully in Portals Calendar since Google Calendar is working well.
    • We are working hard to have our expectations be both rigorous as well as reasonable. Your survey responses indicated that we are achieving that balance for the most part, as 91% of the parents and 71% of the students said the work level was “just right.” Nevertheless, we are sensitive to the 27% of students who felt overwhelmed, and we will remain vigilant. The goal is that core classes will demand on average about one hour per day of the students’ time; non-core will be less than that. Remember that your homework in the past was what was done AFTER you spent time at school; now, in a sense, it’s all “homework,” so you can expect it will be more than what you took home previously. Having a regular school routine will help you manage your time and expectations.
    • Additionally, Ms. Brussman is still offering her services to assist students. Whether by phone or by video chat, help is available. Ms. Brussman contacted every student who ordinarily worked with her during the day to offer her services, but few responded. Contact her to initiate this.
    • It seems that some students have begun to slip behind on their work by missing deadlines and important dates. The faculty and I want to be here to help you, but this situation demands self-motivation and accountability of yourself. When you were at school, Mr. Gray and other teachers reminded you about things or had you work with them at lunch or after school, and you always had the Late List to reference. This situation doesn’t permit these things, and we are unable to make personal daily contact to every student for those reminders. We all have to make the best of this scenario, and students must play their part. Use the tools included in your Google Classroom listing (shows “missing” work) and your gradebook (shows an “M” for work that is not submitted acceptably).

    Continue to demonstrate that positive attitude, and building on today’s devotion, “Rise Up” and take the challenge that’s been laid before us and make it a blessing! God is with you!

    Mr. Kurt Rosenbaum, Principal

    MARCH 30, 2020 - SCHOOL UPDATE
  • Over the weekend and this morning there have been new updates from our government officials:
    • President Trump has extended his guidelines on social distancing until April 30.
    • Arizona's Governor Ducey has ordered student contact on campuses to cease through the end of the school year.
    • The Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) has followed with the cessation of all spring sports competitions, tournaments, and practices.

    Arizona Lutheran Academy will comply with these statements in the interest of the health of our wider community. 

    However, school is not over for the year. It is only the on-campus meeting that has been ended. 
    • Our online delivery will continue through May as scheduled.
    • We will award the complete semester credit for learning accomplished.
    • We will generate full and valid transcripts and diplomas for students upon completion of their work.

    Naturally there are some events and upcoming dates that we will still have to address. There are end-of-year practices and traditions that must be considered. Please allow us some time to determine the best course of action for those things. We will keep you informed.

  • ONLINE CLASSES BEGIN Wednesday, March 25, 2020

    • By now students should have decided on a device to use and checked that it will work for their online classrooms.
    • Chromebooks were to be picked up from the ALA office by today if they are needed.
    • Teachers have contacted students about signing into their virtual classrooms through Google Classroom.
    • Our morning devotion is on Google Classroom, shared with all students. At 8am every morning, a new devotional video will be posted. Students are to watch this and respond in the way requested by their religion instructors. The video can be viewed by anyone soon after on ALA’s YouTube channel. The link to this is on our homepage.
    • If you have questions concerning a class or assignment, contact your teacher by email. Your teachers are making themselves available with “office hours” from 10a to 2p each school day, and you can expect quick responses to your questions.
    • For special help on any homework or lessons, Ms. Brussman will be available. She has shared a reservation page with those who’ve been her “regular” students in seeking her help in the past. If anyone needs her help, please contact her at to arrange for that to happen.
    • If you have a general question about school, you may contact the ALA office either by email ( or by calling (602-268-8686) between 8am and 2pm, Monday through Friday.


    One parent/teacher plans to handle each day in this way:
    1. Watch the chapel once it is posted at 8am on Google Classroom.
    2. Complete the day’s assignments for two classes in a row.
    3. Take a 15 minute break.
    4. Complete assignments for two more classes.
    5. Take a lunch break.
    6. Finish up the rest of the classes (two or three, depending on your number of classes)
    7. Use the remainder of the afternoon to finish up any homework and work on projects.

    • Set up a dedicated area free from distraction (TV, siblings, etc.)
    • Note the due dates and times for assignments.
    • Contact teachers by email at any time. They will reply most promptly between 10am and 2pm.
    • Some teachers will require live (synchronous) sessions with their students; these sessions will be set times but will not overlap.

    As we navigate through these days of uncertainty, remember that we have a loving God who is in control of all things, and his power is stronger than any virus or illness. We continue to pray for God’s protection over our campus, our families, and the entire world which is being affected by the coronavirus. If you desire spiritual support during this time, please contact us and we will connect you.


    It’s time to choose classes for next year for grades 9-11. Instructions for Course Selection have been posted on the Parent Resources page. Courses need to be selected by this Friday, March 27, so planning can continue for next year. Students have already received this information, so you may be finished with this process. If not, please complete it together.


  • We are just two days away from going online! I suspect that this is raising a few questions in your minds, and we at school are also trying hard to navigate through this new experience. I am confident, however, that this will roll out smoothly. To ensure this, I want to remind you of a few things we have said earlier:

    1. Hardware
    • Do you have a plan for the actual device your student will use? As you know, we have Chromebooks available for loan at no charge (just accepting responsibility for replacement if lost or damaged). Follow this link to sign up, and then stop by the front office on Tuesday, March 24, 8a-2p, to pick it up.

    2. Internet Connections
    • If you do not have internet connection at home, follow this link to see if free service might be available temporarily

    3. Materials
    • Does your child have everything needed from school?
      • Textbooks
      • Folders and binders
      • Band instruments and choir folders
      • Athletic clothing and shoes
      • Etc.
    • These things are available to pick yet on Tuesday, March 24, 8a-2p. Please stop by and go to your locker to retrieve everything that is needed.

    4. Instructional Delivery Platforms
    • This begins on Wednesday, March 25.
    • Mainly teachers will be “teaching” via Google Classroom.
      • Students must check their emails to find invitations to these virtual classrooms.
      • All students have used this format to some degree already, so once they’re logged in to a class, the rest will explain itself.
      • Most information, including assignments, due dates, videos, etc. will be found here.
      • Many classes may be offered in a module format, allowing a section of materials to be covered over a period of time with benchmarks to keep students on track.
    • Some teachers may use a program like Google Meet to attempt some live interaction with students. This will be a rarity, but if it’s requested, your child will receive information on connecting through an email invitation and/or directly through Google Classroom.
    • A rule of thumb for time management is 4-6 hours of active learning time per day with some stretching into weekends.

    5. Teacher Connections
    •  It is best to reach teachers with questions or comments via email.
    • All teachers will establish “office hours” 10a-2p each school day where they will promise to answer questions as closely to immediately as possible
    • At other times they will strive for quick responses as well.

    6. Office Connections
    • The office will be staffed every school day 8a-2p.

    7. Parent Information
    • All assignments and access to the gradebook will be where it’s always been: ParentPortals.
    • There is no change to accessing this information.
    • Utilize the Portals Calendar to find all classes at one convenient location.
    8. Student Class Schedule
    • For the most part, students will be doing their classes asynchronously, meaning that they can access and complete the material at their own schedule.
    • Classes will not be held according to the normal bell schedule.
    • Any teacher who wishes a live interaction with the class will indicate details on that separately.

    Look for some additional information on Tuesday (3/24) to complete the final details. May God continue to offer this peace through these trying times.

  • As you know, we want our students to experience the joy of serving others. Teens are often reluctant to do this without a little encouragement, which is why we implemented our ALA service program years ago. Typically, we ask our students to serve at their church, and offer the option of service in the community and/or at ALA.

    The Coronavirus has presented a new challenge for all of us. As a result, we are making a change to the service program for this school year.

    Students may finish their service hours at home, in cooperation with parents. The mandatory “at least half of your hours at your home church” will no longer be mandatory. We ask parents to come up with meaningful ways that students can assist in the home, over and above their normal chores.

    Ideas include:

    • car interior and exterior cleaning
    • house cleaning, mopping, vacuuming
    • meal planning and prep
    • assisting with car or home repairs
    • painting
    • yard maintenance
    • going to St. Mary’s Food Bank (who is very cognizant of health issues when offering opportunities for volunteers) or other volunteer organizations who are still taking volunteers

    Use these ideas to offer opportunities to complete required service hours for the school year. Please complete the form as you typically would, with you (the parent) signing your name as the supervisor. We understand that this will require cooperation by you (the parent) as the "supervisor" and the student as they do projects to assist you in the home. We trust that you will make it a learning opportunity that is mutually beneficial. 

    The service forms are due April 15, 2020, and can be submitted as a scanned PDF or clear JPG image. Send via email to


    Pastor Bode

  • Our online calendar has been updated. The latest cancellations include
    • No classes on campus through April 9 (April 10 is Good Friday, no school that day)
    • All athletic practices through 3/31
    • All drama rehearsals through 3/31
    • All A Cappella evening rehearsals through 3/31
    • All athletic competitions through 4/10
    • Class of 2024 Mixer and Course Selection (for incoming freshmen) 4/3
    Watch for further updates.
  • With online learning being the name of the game over the next several weeks, it will be important to have internet connectivity. If you don’t have that access in your home right now, please consider checking out this special offer through Cox. I can’t promise that it will work for your home, but it’s definitely worth a try and would seemingly cost you nothing for the first month. By then we will know more of what the future holds.

  • Dear Parents and Students,

    We are looking forward to our first day of online learning next Wednesday, March 25.

    We understand that you probably have some questions right now about what learning at home is going to look like for your high school student. This is, of course, something new and unexpected, and we want to assure you that we’re going to do everything we can to make this transition a smooth one for your whole family.


    We believe that learning can happen everywhere, whether we are together in a classroom or at home by ourselves. Even though online learning will look different from classroom learning, your high school student will continue to learn from home in the coming week (or extended time, if that become reality).

    Your child’s everyday life has changed dramatically with the switch to home learning. It’s important to keep structure and routine in your child’s life as much as possible. Online learning will help provide that routine for your family.


    Our main online platform will be Google Classroom. Many of our classes already use this platform, and all of our students have had experience with it. For those classes that are newly being created, invitations to join will be coming to your students in the coming days. These invitations are coming in email messages, so all students need to check emails daily beginning today and accept these invitations to join the classes.

    Through Google Classroom, students will receive instructions on lessons being delivered, and they will be able to submit assignments as well...all electronically. In some cases, teachers may post homemade videos to observe, or they may offer links to other resources used in the learning process.

    While it will be rare, at least to start, some teachers may experiment with synchronous (real time) learning through a platform like Google Meet. Invitations to join will be received through emails, and a common login time will be required. If for some reason, it is impossible to join at that time, such engagements will be recorded and can be viewed later.

    We also plan to have a daily chapel message for all students to hear and are hoping to tie this in to our religion classes for connection between the two. This would also be offered on Google Classroom.

    On average, students in high school can expect 4-6 hours of active learning time per school day with perhaps some stretching into the weekend. This is the sum of their daily online lessons and homework and is comparable to the active learning time during a normal day on campus. Homework will be assigned with due dates, graded, and returned to students just as happens when on campus.

    Parents may need to offer support through this process, much like they have always done in the traditional setting. Teachers will be on hand to support the process too, and each teacher, whether administering classes from their classroom or from their homes, have established “office hours” from 10a to 2p each school day. During these hours, every effort will be made to offer immediate or real-time assistance. Beyond those hours, a quick response will also be our goal.

    Since online delivery requires a device to connect, we are making Chromebooks available on loan for the duration of this experience. There will be no charge, but there will be an expectation that the machine is returned in proper working condition and without damage, or a replacement charge will be assessed to the student’s account. Parents will be asked to sign a form acknowledging this responsibility. Chromebooks can be picked up in the front office during the following times:

    • Monday, March 23, 8a-2p
    • Tuesday, March 24, 8a-2p

    During these same times, locker rooms and school locker areas will be open for the retrieval of personal items still at school. Also we want all students involved with music classes, choir, or band to pick up instruments, choir folders, and any other related items; these will be available in Room 21 during the same hours. However, we want to comply with President Trump’s directive; therefore, this retrieval time should be viewed as a quick stop and not a time to reconnect with friends and hang out for a while. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.


    We will miss each other, and we want to stay connected in the ways we can. We know that this is new territory for everyone, and we want to do whatever we can to make it successful. We are also making arrangements for online meetings with Ms. Brussman in addition to connecting with your child’s teachers for assistance where necessary. Watch for more details to come.

    The office will run special hours. Specific times will be posted at a later date. For the early part of next week, the front office will be open as follows:

    • Monday, March 23, 8a-2p
    • Tuesday, March 24, 8a-2p


  • Most of us feel that our lives and our sense of security have been shaken by the COVID-19 episode that is currently upon us. Yet let’s not forget the real enemy is not the coronavirus but Satan, who is seeking our destruction. His attempts can seem considerable, but they’re ultimately futile. Our Savior has already won the victory over our enemy. Satan can now shake and rattle our daily experience, but he cannot touch our eternal confidence. Jesus told us: “Peace I leave with you, peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not be afraid.” You’re in good hands when you’re in God’s hands.

    As much as the health situation has affected our lives in this country so far, its impact on ALA has been minimal since we have been on Spring Break. That is going to change noticeably next week as we move to online delivery of our classes. There will be no students gathering for class at school through March 27 at this point.

    • Schedule for academics
      • Students will be given two additional days of Spring Break (March 23-24)
      • Beginning March 25, we will begin online delivery of instruction (more information about that will be forthcoming in future posts)
      • Students’ main means of communication will be through Google Classroom. Most of their classes will be delivered through this platform, and all students have used this to some degree in the past.
      • PlusPortals Calendar will be a one-stop location to see all of students’ expectations across the curriculum. Parents also have access to this through their normal login.
      • Teachers will be available beginning Wednesday, 3/25, every school day from 10a through 2p for prompt responses to class expectations. Beyond those hours, our teachers promise to respond as quickly as possible.?
    • Communication
      • We are planning to make daily chapel part of our routine for online learning. More information will come to login to this daily feature.
      • A daily message to parents is also planned beginning with Wednesday’s roll out of the online experience.
    • Access to computer hardware
      • Since online delivery requires a device to connect, we are making Chromebooks available on loan for the duration of this experience. There will be no charge, but there will be an expectation that the machine is returned in proper working condition and without damage, or a replacement charge will be assessed to the student’s account. Parents will be asked to sign a form acknowledging this responsibility.
      • We ask that you honor the limit of persons in the front office according to signs posted. Chromebooks can be picked up in the front office during the following times:  
        • Monday, March 23, 8a-2p
        • Tuesday, March 24, 8a-2p
    • Pickup of personal items schedule
      • We are grateful to the many students who heeded our direction and took home books before Spring Break. Some may still need to do so or to pick up other things left on campus. As we don’t know how long this will last in reality, students could pick up all of their belongings if they desire.
      • The locker rooms and the school locker areas will be open during the following times. Students may simply go to their lockers and retrieve their materials without checking in to the office.
        • Monday, March 23, 8a-2p
        • Tuesday, March 24, 8a-2p
    • Office hours and availability
      • The office will run special hours. Specific times will be posted at a later date. For the early part of next week, the front office will be open as follows:
        • Monday, March 23, 8a-2p
        • Tuesday, March 24, 8a-2p

    I thank you for your patience and cooperation with these things as we continue to learn day-by-day our approach to this. I realize that there will be a learning curve for students and parents as well. Our staff wants to assist in any way possible; we simply ask for your communication to keep us informed.

    Entrusting you and your families to God’s gracious and mighty hands.

    Mr. Kurt Rosenbaum, Principal

  • There will be no classes held on the ALA campus through March 27. Students were instructed on the Friday before spring break to take all books home, and they should plan on attending classes online starting next week. The administration of ALA is working on the details of our online learning, and specifics will be shared very soon.

    In addition, as noted on our online calendar, the following events are canceled or postponed.

    • All athletic practices through 3/22
    • Softball Gopher Classic in Florence, 3/19-21
    • All athletic competitions 3/23-28
    • Boys basketball banquet, 3/24
    • Coyote Friendship Day, 3/25
    • Focus on Ministry trip to New Ulm, 3/26-28
    • Junior Night, 3/26
    • LES K-2 track meet, 3/28 
    • Wrestling banquet, 3/28
    • ALA Sunday at Redeemer, Tucson, 3/29
    MARCH 16, 2020 - UPDATES
  • How quickly things change! Since we sent our official communication last Thursday, many things have happened. Most significant, perhaps, is Governor Ducey’s announcement this weekend that all public and charter schools must close until March 27. This poses significant challenges for schools if they wish to be creative in the delivery of instruction, and it may result in required days to make up for lost instructional time.

    Unlike most Arizona schools, we are on spring break this week and are allowed a little more latitude to determine our official course. I am thankful for your patience as we calculate our best response to this challenge. Nevertheless, we will honor the governor's call to suspend face-to-face instruction on campus until March 27. However, it is a distinct possibility that we will begin some sort of online delivery before that.

    A few updates and reminders:
    • Last week we asked all students to take home all books to be prepared for any possibility. On Friday afternoon, the faculty met to consider online delivery of instruction if that became necessary. Watch for more information to come soon about this as it pertains to next week.
    • We have undertaken more urgent cleaning and disinfecting around campus as of the end of last week.
    • The AIA (Arizona Interscholastic Association) has suspended all competitions until March 30, but they are keeping their end-of-season tournament schedule in place at present. They have left to each individual school, however, the determination as how and when practices might be held. No decisions on this are ready to announce at this time for ALA teams.
    • We agree with and encourage all of our families to follow the CDC’s simple practices for good health.
      • Wash hands often with soap and water
      • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
      • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
      • Stay home if you are sick
      • Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, using your elbow or a tissue
      • Clean high hand-traffic areas regularly (doorknobs, light switches, etc.)
    The Arizona Department of Health Services measures the risk of community COVID-19 spread as “minimal” and the community risk in Arizona as “low with some areas of heightened risk.” The AZDHS and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health have remained in lock-step with the Centers for Disease Control.

    I continue to encourage you to utilize these official websites as sources of your information as they are typically more factual than what other sources may present. President Trump has requested that we make every effort to stem the spread of COVID-19 in the next 15 days. We encourage you to follow his directive and remain home as much as it is possible...for both you and your children.

    Yes, how quickly things change! But our God never changes! His grace, his power worked on our behalf, and his love for his children are never compromised nor threatened by mere viruses or other such happenings. I pray that you find your strength and comfort in that changeless fact. Please feel free to direct comments or questions to me as needed.

    Mr. Kurt Rosenbaum, Principal
    MARCH 12, 2020 - LETTER RE: COVID-19
  • The COVID-19 (coronavirus) is dominating the news headlines as it continues to spread. While this virus is a serious one and precautions need to be in place, it is also important to consider the facts and ensure they come from reliable sources. News outlets, social media, and other communication forms are sharing all kinds of information and not all of it is accurate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local government health department (AZ Department of Health Services) are the most reliable and accurate sources of information. Maricopa County Public Health also has information about the virus. We encourage you to look to these sources for your information.

    Arizona Lutheran Academy is taking this fluid situation seriously and constantly monitoring it. First, we want to reassure you that the risk on our campus remains low. We are increasing our cleaning practices throughout the day and are making quality and effective hygiene a top priority throughout the day. Our staff will be faithful in helping to create an environment that prioritizes health and quality sanitation measures.The CDC further recommends that all citizens follow general practices for good health, including the following:

    • Wash hands often with soap and water 

    • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands 

    • Avoid close contact with people who are sick 

    • Stay home if you are sick 

    • Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, using your elbow or a tissue 

    • Clean high hand-traffic areas regularly (doorknobs, light switches, etc.)

    There are many ideas and thoughts about what should or should not be done during this time. We are informing ourselves through the agencies noted above as to best steps to take. We do not plan to make our own decisions that are not in line with the information available unless there is a specific and clear reason to do so. At the same time, we understand that each child and family has different needs and circumstances that affect how they respond to the situation surrounding the coronavirus. We are taking measures that are in line with the recommendations from the experts. If these experts ever communicate a need to stop extra-curricular activities, group gatherings, or even school in general, we will be ready and willing to comply. We also will support our parents in terms of how they choose to respond to the situation. If Spring Break plans involve travel, please take special note of current travel restrictions and advisories as they are changing frequently.

    We will plan to have weekly communication regarding the coronavirus. Please also take the time to read the FAQ's below.

    The safety of our students, staff, and families is one of our top priorities. We will continue to monitor the situation and respond in an appropriate manner. We will continue to place our trust and confidence in our all-powerful God who has control over all things, including the coronavirus. We ask for his continued protection over our campus family and all affected by this outbreak.




There is a great deal of information being communicated via news outlets and social media. While these are convenient sources for quick information, it is important to remember that these are not the official outlets for providing information that is 100% factual. We strongly encourage our families to receive their information from the CDC and the local health departments.
It is important to remember that we can and should do our part to prevent illness and keep our various environments safe. Ultimately, we have a loving God who is in control of all things, and his power is stronger than any virus or illness. We continue to pray for God’s protection over our campus, our families, and the entire world which is being affected by the coronavirus. If you desire spiritual support during this time, please contact us and we will connect you.