Staff News 2020-2021


Science Instructor
The ALA Board of Directors issued a call to Mr. David Liebhard, currently teaching at Mt. Olive Lutheran School in Appleton, Wisconsin. Mr. Liebhard has been called to assume the position of science teacher next year. Pray for him as he considers this call and makes his decision in the next few weeks.

Mr. Gary Gray
August 2020
Mr. Gray has announced his retirement at the end of the school year. Mr. Gray has served at ALA since 1994. He teaches Biology and AP Biology—in fact, he is only the second biology teacher in ALA's 43 year history (Mr. Adickes was the first)! During his time here, Mr. Gray has also coached several sports, served as Assistant Principal, and led the Student Council as advisor.

Mr. John Mueller
August 2020
ALA's Financial Director, John Mueller, has announced his retirement which will take effect after this school year.  Mr. Mueller started in 2011 and served in this position for a few years prior to that as well. 


We believe that it is the Lord, through the church, who calls people to serve in the public ministry. Individuals already serving in public ministry who receive a call to serve in another field prayerfully deliberate both calls they hold. That deliberation involves, among other things, examining one's gifts; understanding the duties of both calls and how one's gifts are best utilized; and considering the input of colleagues, family and members of the congregation. Called workers have the confidence that God will bless the decision they reach.

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