Solo Ensemble Festival for Elementary Students

We are pleased to welcome musicians, parents, teachers,and judges 
to the annual ALA Solo Ensemble Festival!


Saturday, May 8, 2021
8 am to 12 pm

at Arizona Lutheran Academy 
6036 South 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85041
Link to ALA location map


Joshua Severeid
ALA phone 602-268-8686 x32

Registration is completed by music teachers or schools. Parents and students do not register themselves.

Schedules will be sent to the teachers prior to the event.
Contact your music teacher or your Lutheran Elementary School for the published schedules.



  • Arrive at ALA at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Students performing with accompaniment must plan on having a live accompanist or bringing their own backing track and playback device.
  • All students must have an original copy of the music ready to hand to the adjudicator (judge) at the time of performance.
    Measures must be numbered on both the adjudicator and student copies of music. 
  • Parents may be in the room to listen to their child's performance. 
  • The adjudicator will speak with the participant for a few minutes after the performance.
  • Scores will not be available immediately. It may take 20-30 minutes for the scores to be posted.
  • If participants are unable to wait for the scores, they may leave and wait to get scores from their music teacher.


  • Saturday morning, May 8, at ALA from 8am-12pm. The solo and ensemble performances will take place between 8 am and 11 am.        
  • April 23 - All names of performers must be submitted by teachers or schools using the online Registration Form.
  • May 3 - Schedule will be sent to the teachers and schools. 
  • Teachers must notify their students of the schedule.
  • Schools and teachers should collect the $7 fee for each entry/time slot. Schools or teachers may mail in the collected fees to ALA or bring in the day of the festival. Checks should be made payable to Arizona Lutheran Academy with a clear indication of what the check is for. 
  • Any cancellations after April 30 will still be subject to the $7 registration fee. 
  • Festival participants must give an original copy of the music performed to the adjudicator before performing. Measures must be numbered on both the adjudicator and student copies of music. Please relay this information to your students. 


Eighth grade festival participants who receive a starred 1st from the adjudicator are invited to perform again in front of all the adjudicators when all students have completed their scheduled performances. Adjudicators will then choose one winner from among the pianists and one winner from among the instrumentalists/vocalists.

As before, 8th grade participants must give one original copy of the music performed to the adjudicators before performing. Measures must be numbered on both the adjudicator and student copies of music. 

The two Outstanding 8th Grade Award winners 
  • are invited to perform at the ALA Commencement Concert on May 28, 2021;
  • will receive a plaque and special recognition; and
  • will be awarded a $200 scholarship to ALA. 
The playoff event for the Outstanding 8th Grade Award  should conclude by approximately 12 pm. All of these times are guidelines only. The final timeline will be based on the number of participants.