I wish to nominate a person as a candidate for admission into the ALA Athletic Hall of Fame.
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  • Superior accomplishments as an ALA student-athlete. (All-Region/All-State/Career Leader)
  • Athlete must have graduated from ALA at least 10 years prior to nomination.  
  • Excellence at collegiate, national, amateur, or professional level. (not mandatory)
  • Demonstrated integrity, sportsmanship, and citizenship before and after graduation.
  •  Academic and post-career accomplishments in the community and/or church.



  • Significant contributions to the athletic program - longevity, overall record, championships.
  • Significant contributions to community or professional organizations at state or national level. 
  • Have been, and are, good examples of character, leadership, integrity, and commitment.
  • Retired from position at ALA.
  • Outstanding achievements during and after leaving ALA.           

Teams of Distinction:

  • Championship level performance for an entire season.
  • Accomplishing "firsts" or 'highest" achievements in ALA history.
  • Demonstrated character, integrity, and citizenship.

Special Contributors:

  • A person who has supported the Arizona Lutheran Academy athletic department in a special manner, but does not meet the criteria of a former student-athlete or coach.

  • This person should have been connected with the athletic program for a minimum of ten years. (This can be waived in special conditions.)