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Greetings from Arizona Lutheran Academy, its staff and students!
Thanks so much for exploring our website. You are undoubtedly thinking about investigating options for high school and the education that lies beyond that as well. You’ve made a great contact here at ALA, because we have so much to offer that makes us different than other high school choices you have.
ALA is a small and well-established high school founded in 1978, located in Phoenix, Arizona. A student body numbering about 200 makes for an intimate and personal group and provides tremendous opportunities to connect with others. Students connect with friends, teachers, coaches and most importantly, their Savior. 

Our mission is two-fold. First, we desire to have our students firmly established on God’s Word as a source of strength and comfort for the challenges they face in this life. Second, we desire to have our students challenged by a curriculum that meets and exceeds standards and opens the doors to any further education of their choice. This mission sets us apart from other options in our community and would make ALA the perfect choice for students who wish to excel. 

Students are encouraged to be well-rounded in their development by participating in a range of extra-curricular offerings and by performing a variety of community service activities. Teachers, coaches, and directors share the spiritual foundation that the students share, so all of our activities proceed with a common direction and cohesion. 

We are committed to providing excellence in all aspects of the ALA experience, and our success can be measured in many ways, including our students’ performance on standardized testing, the percentage of our students that go on to college, as well as the college scholarships earned.
Please take the time to get to know us better. Visit us during Shadow Dates and ALA Admissions Nights throughout the year; fill out our online information form found on the toolbar above, or contact us to set up a visit or a tour. We would love the opportunity to meet you.

With hopes of hearing from you soon,
Kurt Rosenbaum, Principal
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