Service Requirements
Requirements of service hours (2016-17)
Freshmen - 16 (minimum 8 hours church service)                          
Sophomores - 18 (minimum 9 hours church service)
Juniors - 20 (minimum 10 hours church service)                         
Seniors - 22 (minimum 11 hours church service)
All students must complete at least half of their service hours at their home church (or all service hours may be done at church). If you are not sure if what you are doing counts toward church or community, please talk with Pastor Bode. These hours may not be completed during regular school hours.
Due date April 15, 2017
No grade will be given—only a “Pass” or “Fail.” Late service forms will result in after school detention. These service hours are required for graduation.
Method of Completion
Fill out the form (available on Edline) and hand it in to Pastor Bode, room 4. No form will be accepted without the supervisor’s signature (parent signature applies only if he/she was the supervisor for the activity) and phone number. Any written verification from a supervisor should be stapled to the completed form.

Service Ideas


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