ALA Tuition Assistance Application
ALA Tuition Assistance

- To apply for tuition assistance from ALA, please complete and submit this form by May 15.

- Tuition assistance awarded from ALA is NOT part of the AZ Tuition Tax Credit Program.

- Anyone can apply, awards are based on financial need.

- Scholarships are awarded by the middle of July.
ALA Student Name(s) & Grade(s)
Applicant 1
Full Address
Current Email Address
Phone Number
Employment Status
Annual salary/wage (Please provide a copy of the W2)
Applicant 2

Full Address (If different from Applicant 1)
Current Email Address
Phone Number
Employment Status
Annual salary/wage (Please provide a copy of the W2)
Statement of Need

(Include info for both applicants, if applicable.)

Provide any information concerning your family/household situation you would like the award committee to know when determining awards. Explain anything affecting your household that allows for greater understanding of the assistance you need. Examples:

- Medical situations: conditions that affect your ability to work, even short term; medical expenses that affect your financial circumstances, including expenses to care for others with medical needs
- Family situations: divorce, bankruptcy, loss of job, salary/wage cuts
- Family situations: college students and costs, adults going back to school
- Family situations: work related long term traveling required, inconsistency of income
- Family situations: other challenges your family faces

Feel free to describe your need here or email a separate letter to
Family Tuition Costs

Include tuition rates for all students in the household, grade PreK-12. Include your ALA student in this list.
Student Name - School Name - Tuition Rate
Required Documentation

1. W2s for applicant(s)

2. Confirmation/verification of two (2) STO applications submitted. Emailed confirmation of application is acceptable.

Suggested STOs:


- School Choice Arizona

- Arizona Leadership Foundation


Please email, fax or submit to the school office.


Fax: 602-243-1353